The best dogging spots can be found here

Dogging spots are the places that host the dogging, and this will be where it all happens. Once you’ve got your hands on a few dogging spots you need never thirst for free sex any more, you ‘ ll have more of it than you can handle; the people who go to these dogging spots know exactly what they ‘ re doing and are not prepared to stop now for anyone. The way they see it is that dogging spots won ‘ t ever be created anywhere that would cause offence or risk exposure to minors etc; proper doggers who choose the dogging spots really know what they’re doing and where they ‘ re going.

The best dogging spots always seem to be places where people might perhaps go for an afternoon walk or something like that; woods perhaps with a car park where the walkers can park their cars. Of course the doggers don ‘ t occupy these dogging spots very often during the day, they have their little meetings in the evening when no-one is around and they can all get together. You might ask yourself: Why don ‘ t they go to one of their houses? But this would defeat the objective of dogging wouldn’t it? Part of finding a good dogging spot and getting down to it is the risk of discovery and the thrill of doing it outdoors; that and the fact that, even though you might let some of these doggers in your car to suck your cock, you might not want them in your home drinking your brandy! If you want any more information about dogging spots and the dogging in general then you really need to click around a little and do some research; I think you ‘ ll be pleasantly surprised with your findings.